hey it's me

Hi, I'm Amy!


I’m a product designer specializing in Growth at Smartsheet. Throughout my time at Smartsheet, I’ve been shaping better experience for how Smartsheet says Hello (i.e. onboarding, in-app user education, first-time creation) and Goodbye (i.e. cancellation prevention).

My Kind of Nerd in Product Design

I’m a strong advocate for product-led growth and localization because of my background in behavioral economics and translation -- I was a localization translator at Microsoft Taiwan for a year.

Having worked on growth in the past 2 years, I’ve come to realize that growth strategies that work wonders sit on the solid foundation of delightful product experience. In other words, the product experience does the talking and growth strategies as well as experiments are the megaphone.

After 9-5: Fun Facts
Available to the Market

I'm actively seeking full-time product design opportunities. My design interests lie in designing for product-led growth and customer-facing experience. Feel free to check out my resume or shoot me an email if you're interested in being impressed. I'm always happy to chat!